Here they are

2 days, a few hours (ha!) and voila….3 hats!

Red/white for DS, Shades of brown community and the blue/white is for the mom. Same pattern for each, but for the blue/white I shortened the rows of ribbing, and added knit rows to make a cuff ( I like the cuff…extra ear warmth!)

I am by no means a fast knitter, but this pattern was easy to do, quick, and mindless. All in yarn stash, and each hat wasn’t even 1/2 a skein of each yarn. Sweet! I will be switching back to crochet now tho, cuz I’m faster and I have mittens to make. 🙂 It will soon be that time! Hats, we have. Scarves, we have out the wazoo (last year my “thing” was scarves). I have a 3 square sweater I want to make for me (can you believe it???) and have a stocking to make as well. I should make my list so I can tick em off as I get em done!



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4 responses to “Here they are

  1. Great hats! I should get my needles clicking, too. Did you use a circular needle, or just sew up the seam when they were done? I get very confused with circular needles, LOL.

  2. Nice hats. I printed out the pattern so I can make one. I like the cuff you made for yours. I think I’ll do the same. Do you have a crochet pattern for mitts. I haven’t found one I liked yet.

  3. I almost forgot….I have an award for you :o)

  4. Baldwins Girl

    I used straight needles…circular ones made me crazy (which is PART of the reason I decided on this hat!) 🙂

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