Because sometimes I am a dork

I promise, this is a funny tale….at least, this morning it is.  Yesterday, not so much.  Grab a cuppa and settle in to laugh at the old girl.

You may recall that yesterday I mentioned finding the registration for my car.  It is VERY unlike me to be disorganized in any way….and this was driving me crazy. There were lots of “jeez suz, what the heck is wrong with you” kinds of comments made from self to self throughout the morning…chastize chastize, fuss fuss, mea culpa mea culpa..  I have to start from the beginning…of course, you will probably figure it out long before I did the “homer” d’oh!

I needed a copy of my car registration.  It doesn’t matter why…I just needed a copy of it.  So, I go to my car, look look, find only the registration for mother’s escort. Note:  When my mother passed 2 years ago, her car was in both our names.  I brought it home from WV, got it titled and tagged for DD to have as her first car.  89 escort sedan, under 80,000 miles, good first car.  Long story short, it had some engine problems from sitting too long, more than I could afford, DD got another car, escort sat until this summer when I sold it to the junk man.  I did the RCA dog tilt when I realized it was the wrong registration in my vehicle, but thought nothing more of it.  Moving on. (you just figured out the story didn’t you???? clever one!)

Ok.  so I destroy my house looking for the paperwork for MY car (a blazer).  Being the OCD woman that I am, you can only begin to visualize what this entailed, as well as the string of ….um….adjectives?!? that accompanied it.  No findey.  grrrrrr.  FINALLY find the envelope that the sticker came in, and voila, there is the new registration!  Thank goodness…big sigh of relief.  I’m not a dumbass…I was just a tad disorganized.  We were getting ready to start the new school year…blah blah blah.  Laugh at my slip up in organization.  At this point, I’m still ready to laugh at me.  SO…. I scan it, print it, and go to put it in the waiting envelope, when I read it.  It’s not for the blazer, but for the escort.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?  Hmmmm says she.  Where the hell is my BLAZER registration.  Yep…then it hits me.  In august, when my tags were due on the blazer, I did NOT renew THEM, I renewed the ESCORT, a car I had ALREADY SOLD!  Expletives deleted.

So, in the midst of everything, I have to go to the DMV site, tag my blazer,feeling like a horrid criminal for driving around for 2 1/2 months untagged, wondering when the police will arrive to arrest me, THEN figure out if I can return the tag for the escort (after removing the sticker from blazer, placing on escort tag of course) and get a refund, explaining that I am a giant raging dumbass.  As I said, not so funny yesterday, but funnier today. 

Somedays it’s really hard to be me.  I’m chalking it up to complete lack of sleep and focus and blaming it on mercury being in retrograde.  Anyone need tags in PA?  lol!!!



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4 responses to “Because sometimes I am a dork

  1. I’m sorry, but I laughed. Don’t be mad, but it was kinda funny. My theory is with every child we have we lose a piece of our brain. BTW I’m tagging you with a meme…I know, I’m a meme freak. LOL!

  2. Zee

    Hi! I came over from NaBloPoMo. I’m challenging myself to comment on as many blogs as possible this month as well as post.

    Well, I’m glad you figured out the mystery! That would have driven crazy too.

    Happy Posting!

  3. Lack of sleep has caused the downfall of most of history’s most powerful dynasties. 😉

    glad you got everything sorted.

  4. I hope the DMV was understanding. We all have days like that, it’s what makes us mom’s , human.

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