Awards, Rewards and Failures

So.  I signed up to do the NaBloPoMo thingie…and of course, I immediately fall off the friggin wagon.  Go figure.  How can it be a crazy month already?!? I mean, c’mon!  Of course, when I got up yesterday (at 3:30 mind you) and found CRAP on my desk from DD, and that she had MOVED MY MOUSE CORD…the day didn’t start so wonderful.  Why would you put anything on my desk, much less move the cord.  I like the cord where it is, it is on the right side of the monitor for MY comfort…don’t friggin touch it!  arg!

I guess my head is just trying to sort out that it is NOVEMBER PEOPLE….how in the heck did that happen????  DD’s birthday is in 2 weeks (she’s announced she wants a new bed and a $200 coat.  Does she KNOW I’ve been unemployed?!?!?!?!?!?!?)  oh!  AND a, and I quote.  “New afghan mom.  black.  all black.  no holes….I hate holes.  to cover my bed” (queen size).  Now.  did I mention that it’s NOVEMBER?  She just expects me to pop out a queen size afghan in a few weeks…a SOLID BLACK NO HOLES afghan?  Is there anyone else who sees a problem with this equasion?

Yesterday was major cleaning day.  2 Bathrooms, check.  New shower curtain, check. Kitchen (even the outsides of the cabinets!) check.  Vacuuming, check.  Now it smells all nice and good in here….thanks to Simple Green and Borax.  HOWEVER, I think my rubber gloves are beginning to go south…because they left this funky smell on my hands all afternoon, and I had to wash them 4 dozen times and they still smell like I handled a yard full of truck tires.  Ugh.  House, good smell.  Hands, not so much. 

I was able to relocate my stamping table yesterday…not relocate it like MOVE it, but like FIND it.  You may remember my big “I’m rearranging the house” fete several weeks or so ago..and yes, it’s just been sitting there….waiting for me to uncover it.  Long story short, I can stamp again, and need to.  I have 6 cards to make for this months exchange….and gotta get em’ out today.  Yikes!  Thankfully, all my Christmas Cards are done (done diddly un in my very best flanders) so that is a load off my overtaxed mind.  Now I just need to address the envelopes, add a lovely personal note to each, decide on a christmas photo of the kiddles and myself, take it, print it, insert it, and off they go.  Jeez…it sounded so much simpler before I wrote it down! If you are interested in joining a wonderful (small) group of ladies that do a card exchange monthly, lemme know.  They are all very talented and it’s an easy group to enjoy.  🙂 

On a happier note, I got an awesome Award from Tammy over at Mom Knows Everything which made my day. Do you know Tammy yet? You should. She’s hysterical, organized, and a very good friend!



I consider myself so blessed with the friends I have made through blogging, and want to share this with some of the folks who make my life smoooother, funnier, easier and more coherent.

Bridget at “And Miles to Go”
Red at Dr. Pepper is good for the soul
Terri at Mrs. Squidleys Place
Maggie at Ramblings of Maggie

Ok.  Today brings stamping, which SHOULD bring card scans and I have to find the registration for my car.  Seems I may have misplaced it.  SO unlike me….grrrr… and work on a cross stitch that I’m doing as a Christmas Gift.  I’m tickin things off my list!  Tick Tick, Tick Tick!



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6 responses to “Awards, Rewards and Failures

  1. I’m thoroughly impressed that your Christmas cards are done! I was all proud of myself that I already bought mine – if I had to make them I wouldn’t be sending cards out until about July.

  2. Wow. Thank you. That was very sweet of you to mention me and give me an award. I’m very honored.

  3. November is an insane month for NaBlo. But I soldier on, knowing that I failed miserably last year and still managed to have a good time trying!

  4. oh my goodness, thank you so much!! I am so honored that you think of me as a friend because I think of you as one too. Mind if I add you too my blogroll of daily reads? Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for truly making my Friday.

  5. Thank you for the sweet words! I almost bought Christmas cards today, but then Aidan started whining so I forgot. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  6. Lol! How many cards do you guys need?!? I made them, put up for sale on Etsy, they didn’t, so I’ve got plenty! I could have them in the mail to you tomorrow! lol!!!!!

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