I’m Baaack!

Actually, got back yesterday, but was cold and tired and needed to get my head back to earth.  What an amazing weekend it was.  If you didn’t make it to Steamtown for their Railfest, I’ll indulge you.  For those who did….you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I should start with Saturday morning.  FIRST I awake to an overflowing e-mail box because I was awarded “site of the day” for Photohunt!  What an amazing honor that is!  I was so blown away by your kind comments, and just the coolness of it!  THEN drive to Scranton, and the leaves were really beautiful.  Couldn’t stop to shoot, was expected!  Popped by the hotel to check in, and lo and behold, my room number was ….get this… 614!  Could the day get any luckier?

Made my way over to Steamtown to get my assignment.  I was also looking for a way to say “hey, Um…I know I’m here to work, but I see that the schedule lists cab tours of the Big Boy on Saturday and Sunday, think I could take a break and go see it?”.  With a million different scenarios dashing thru my head…I arrived to a pretty big crowd….tho most were still out on the Excursion.  Checked in, found Charlie, and guess what…..my assignment for the day WAS TO GIVE CAB TOURS OF THE BIG BOY!  I almost fainted on the spot!  The guys were laughing at me with my mouth hanging open, professing my undying love for Charlie!  So off I went. 

Here he is.  Yes, it’s a he.  Most locomotives are She’s, but not the Big Boy. 

The Big Boy is one of my favorite Engines, just for size if no other reason.  It’s a 4-8-8-4 Class 1 with 68″ Drivers.  I couldn’t believe I got to hang out here all day and talk about this engine!  My first visit to the cab truly brought tears to my eyes.  What an incredible machine!  Of course, like a kid, I immediately jumped into the Engineers seat!  lol!  You can easily stand 6 grown men in that cab and they wouldn’t touch one another.  VERY cool. 

Of course, the other BIG attraction to me was the fact that Bennet Levin had his E-8’s on display.  They were part of a charter that was leaving Sunday morning, but on display by the roundhouse saturday. UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL

There was a night photo shoot, and of course, this is my favorite shot

Cold, tired and hungry, I made my way back to the room and just crashed out.  Until about 4am.  Not unusual for me, per se, but after the previous days events, I was hoping for a bit more.  Anyway, got myself together with hopes of seeing the Excursion leave town around 7,, checked out, and about the time I hit the parking lot, at 6:30, It hit me.  Daylight savings.  It was only 5:30am.  ARG!  Oh well….found an open dunkin donuts (I’m very resourceful) and headed out to steamtown. 

A huge thanks to the nice man who gave me a spot to watch them leave town.

This is not a great shot, but a great moment for me.  I have always wanted to see PRR 120, a platform passenger car that served as Robert Kennedy’s Funeral Car.  I was FINALLY able to see it this weekend! 

Back to steamtown to work, tour of the shop with my friend Dick, and one last shot for the weekend.  This could possibly be my favorite (wonder why?!?)Thank you thank you thank you to the very kind man who offered to take this shot for me.  It’s a treasure!

Yep, that’s me with the PRR truck and the Big Boy!  Such a wonderful weekend..thank you SO much to everyone who made it possible, not just for me, but for railfans everywhere.  (oh god…did I just admit I was a foamer?!?lol!)


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  1. I’m glad you had such a great time! My favorite picture is the night time shot of the black and gold train. It’s beautiful!

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