Playing Trains

Just a brief note before I head out the door.  🙂  I’m so excited….I get to play trains this weekend!

I’m off to Steamtown for their Lackawanna Railfest.  My friend Charlie is one of the Coordinators, and had asked me if I would like to volunteer.  Well, ya know I didn’t turn THAT down!  Bennett Levin is coming in with his PRR E-8’s with an Excursion going into NY, night photo shoots, runby’s, movies, presentations….well, you get it.  AND I’ll get to see my good friend Joe, Photographer and Videographer extraordinaire  I love steamtown, and it should be a wonderful weekend.  Maybe they’ll let me be Phoebe Snow!  lol!!!!!!!! (a secret dream of mine!) One of my Favorite Phoebe Advertisements:

NOTE:  There WILL be a train post with photos when I return….be prepared!

Side note, I got out yesterday and took some fall shots….they’re in flickr.  Take a look and see that fall MAY have actually made it to my corner of the world.  Finally.  It was a very peaceful day, and allowed me to move a lot of things out of my mind that I needed to.  Fall is always a time of setting things right for me, before I hunker down for the long winter “nap”.  Yesterdays foray into the pseudo-wilderness let me leave behind some junk I’ve been carrying, and feel a lot better about the Suz in general.  I loved sitting in the woods, looking at the leaves that had finally changed to their beautiful oranges and reds.  It was chilly, but it was almost as though the leaves were these warm deep colors to cast the last glow of summer warmth on the cool fall day.  Very clearing experience. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and if ya make it to steamtown, find me and say HEY! (You can’t miss me….I’m the strange woman with stars in her eyes and her mouth dropped open!)


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