Halloween Happenings

Well, I finally got DS to stand still for 2 minutes while I photographed him a la Mario.  🙂 

We had a wonderful trip thru the neighborhood last night. He did his little twist/jump/aha! mario move for a few folks, and got lots of “that’s the best costume we’ve seen”. There were several moms who had seen him in the parade at school who commented on how much they liked his costume…it was nice. I’m glad he decided on something original, I think it made him feel good that everyone said he was the only Mario they had seen. 🙂 Good choice boy!

And just for fun….(this is pre-trick or treat, not lit) a shot of this year’s punkins. Bet you can’t guess who the punkin carver is in OUR house? lol!

All in all, a fun, but tiring! night. Today will be the big candy sort out, and momma is takin a break to go shoot some photo’s. more later!



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3 responses to “Halloween Happenings

  1. Wow, that is an amazing costume. You did a Super (Mario) job!!! There is no way I am putting my pumpkins on my blog now that I saw yours.

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