Heads or Tails #11 – Halloween


I’m late this week….but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to post about Halloween!

I love halloween.  That will sound strange to a lot of folks, seeing as how I detest holidays about candy (one of my very favorite rubber stamps ever says “Smile, it’s sugar season”) but for me, it’s more about the fun, than the candy!

I love the costumes.  I like the idea of being someone else…an alter ego…for just a short while.  I like being in the night, and hoping for something frightening.  I watch scary movies like it’s my job the weeks before, even the bad ones. 

This year, DS is going to be mario.  He doesn’t like being scared…so opted for a non-scary costume (photo’s forthcoming I promise!) made by mom.  His school party is today, and he can’t wait to show off his very cool – if I do say so myself – new costume.  DD has advanced to the point where all costumes are somehow sexy, and she’s raggedy ann….of a sorts.  nuff said.

I will be the mom tooling about the neighborhood complementing everyone on their pumpkins as he rushes ahead like a whirling dervish.  I am chief pumpkin carver in our home, and each year they are like an artistic challenge for me.  This year we have a wolf in front of a full moon, and another just waiting for the knife.  We’ll see what it turns into!

Tomorrow I will take a moment to light a candle, and pray for those who have moved on, wishing them peace and guidance. It’s a habit I got into years ago when a friend had me go to church with their family for All Saints Day.  I liked the idea, so I kept it.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy night tonight!



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  1. Happy Halloween!!! Aurora has confirmation class tomorrow after school and I know we will be definitely talking about All Saints Day. I hope you guys got a good haul of candy.

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