An Award-Winning Day

Tammy over at Mom knows Everything has passed on to me two (yes, not one, but two!) amazing awards and I am just blown away!  The first is a Wonder Woman award (does it come with those great deflecting silver bracelets?!?)  Being a single mom, I sure could use feeling like wonder woman now and then.  🙂



The second is a community blogger award. Very VERY cool. I feel like this is not only a community, but an extended family, filled with love and kindness and support. You keep me sane!

Thank you so much to Tammy. I will share these with some of the folks that make MY day a lot brighter and a lot happier!Terri at Mrs. Squidley’s Place because I think she’s amazing
Maggie at Ramblings of Maggie because she always makes me feel good.
Mothers Home because I NEVER leave there without learning something!


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Now I just have to find time to get them posted to my blog. lol

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