3 n’ 0 and one to go

Good game…good game fellas.  By now, I know that even non-sox fans are watching these games, just wondering what will happen next.  How do I know?  Because I’ve noticed the influx of “Sox fans are the worst”, “games are boring” and “Sox just suck” type comments around the web.  How is it possible, I ask you, that the sox suck?  Um….are we not winning?  Helllll-oooooooo???  And as far as sox fans being arrogant, I disagree.  True sox fans have stuck by this team thru thick and thin, the bad AND the good…which was lacking sometimes.  And ya know what?  If we want to be happy that the boys are rockin in, So Friggin What????  And as for boring….well, my poor fingernails can attest to the fact that aside from game one (a total blowout) the other games have been good baseball, and well matched as far as play and interestingness. 

Ok.  on to the game.

Interesting start….noticed that the Rockies have a strange WTF look on their faces…..it’s a shame.  They had a great post-season until now…I think they were expecting to be fighting a bit harder for this….alas, not so much.

The big stress of the day for me, and for many sox fans I think, was the change in the lineup sitting Youk.  However, I love my papi and was sure he would pull it off….just worried about that knee baby.  With both teams in position to take the lead in the first inning, it was frustrating to be shut down. 

Mid-game shuffling was also frustrating….causing some concern for the girl that too much shifting was throwing off the unit as a team….damn….was I wrong or WHAT?

I won’t go into some lengthy diatribe about it….suffice it to say that this is the best t I’ve seen in a while…and it must be added to my collection! 


Game 4 tonite….could it be…..can we even begin to think of grabbin the broom for the potential sweep? My heart would love to see them win it at home, but the nails….what’ left of them….are praying for a win tonite. Hang on to your hats…it’s gonna be a long night!


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