Photo Hunters – Pink

This week the theme is Pink.  So….I went with:

The deep pink flowers that grew in the field near my house this summer.


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15 responses to “Photo Hunters – Pink

  1. What a beautiful photo. Great take on the theme.

  2. Another lovely flower shot! Great pic.!

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  4. snoopythegoon

    Fine shot and beautiful flowers!

  5. Pink almost to purple, lovely 🙂

  6. Those are beautiful! Are they cosmos? You take such beautiful photographs, but you probably get told that all the time. Oh well, I’m telling you again, you take beautiful photographs! Have a great weekend!!!

  7. How gorgeous! You did a wonderful job/.

  8. Yen

    WOW! Beautiful shot! You have amazing photos in your flickr too!:)

  9. That is strikingly beautiful color!

  10. I think flowers are on a lot of people’s minds for pink this week! Pretty!

  11. Beautiful! Those are lovely flowers. 🙂

    My pink photo.

  12. Those are very pretty flowers. Great pink choice.

  13. That’s a great photo, I went for flowers as well 🙂

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