Going Crazy

THIS is the kinda crap that was trouncing through my mind last night, so I couldn’t sleep after the nail biter (let’s not go there, shall we?!?)

 OK.  So, here’s my thought (as though my phone will ring MOMENTARILY  with Francona on the other end saying “hey suz, what should we do?????????)

Sitting out papi.  Well, WHAT IF instead of putting papi at first,  where he has the potential for quote unquote (yes, there were flying quotes there ) protection from/by J.D. Drew and Lugo can we instead put him at third, and move lowell to ss???? I mean, lineups were MEANT to be changed, right?  Lowell is quick and sharp, and at third he would have manny in left as back up, less stress on third than on first, protecting the knee, and we keep Youk on first.  Thoughts?  Can this work?  Yes, I need a nap, we’ve established that….but in all reality…can’t this work?  Can papi play 3rd better than first?  I’m really worried about that knee! 

We could change the batting order then, and put Lowell in 9th, which would be infinitely better than lugo at 9th, yes?  No?  something?   augh……is it saturday yet???????????


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