Exhausted…yep….that’s me. Although I’m relatively sure it was only an hour or so that I finally was able to relax and fall asleep…..I’m up.  Jake apparently having no interest in the Red Sox, the World Series, Sleep or anything but a drink of water at 3:30 am, drug my butt up and now…well…here I am.  I wanted to post something last night, but I seriously could NOT drag my eyes from the TV!  Was that a dream?  Did I sleep through some horrific game and invent the AMAZING site that played over and over in my head all night?  Guys, you were phenomenal! 

It was perfection, grace beauty, dang it was friggin Swan Lake out there!  In my very best Howard Cosell “Ladies and Gentlemen, it .  was.   a.   blowout.  I only asked before the game started that we hit em first, put em in their place, lordy lord I didn’t know what I was askin for!!!!! I know there are billions (yes, like mcdonalds, billions and billions) of folks out there with interesting thoughts on the game, but I just have to add my two cents, from a slightly more “suzy” point of view.

1.  Three Words. Record Breaking game.

2. Quick rundown:
  Did you SEE Dustin Pedroia?  What a man!  What a shot!  This guy is on FIRE!!!!!!!
  Josh Beckett… is. the. man.   Seven innings, six hits, one run, nine strikeouts.  nuff said.
  Youk….I would have expected nothing less. With a post season .422 this man is the shit.  If we could harness his energy we could Light up Boston for a year. 
  Papi….you know you are my hero dude….I worship at the altar of Big Papi! I told some friends one time (while watching the Sox/Yanks in Yankee stadium I might add) that you never wanna set papi up with a full count.  Something happens to him…it’s in his face.  I would never want to see THAT FACE looking in my direction.  Last night, every at bat had the “I’m gonna eat you for lunch” face.  Fabulous.   
  Terry Francona – Greatest quote of the night “We took our walks, when the ball was in the zone, took some pretty good swings.” uh…ya THINK? Baby, that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

3.  Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike Buck and McGarver?  These guys are paid oodles of dough to be interesting color commentators on the BIGGEST FRIGGIN GAME OF THE SEASON, have NOTES, study time, inside information, and the best they can come up with are comments on America getting a free taco (hmmmm lemme run right out and get that….NOT), Paul Giamatti’s parentage (uh…I’m thinkin if you don’t know this by now, you shouldn’t be allowed to watch baseball) and the inaccurate description of pitches thrown (dude, even I know a curve from a slider!  c’mon!!!!!)  Hey guys, news flash, I’m an over 40 mom of 2, and I AM A BETTER COLOR COMMENTATOR THAN EITHER OF YOU!!!!!!! Yo, sirius radio….I’m available!  (ESPN wouldn’t have me…I tend to drop the F Bomb during baseball!)

4.  Lugo – for all that I have had to say about you during the season, which was not good I admit, you really stepped it up last night.  3 hits??? she says shaking her head in disbelief…hmmmm…could I have been wrong about you…the jury is still out but it aint lookin good. This guy looks like a deer in the headlights every time he steps up….c’mon dude….did you think this was little league?  Toughen up! Perhaps if we could just keep this level of stress on you throughout the regular season….maybe we could get some results!  ok…a backhanded compliment, but a compliment nonetheless.  done.

5.  Did the promotion “steal a base, steal a taco” disturb anyone other than me?  I gotta say…..taco’s and baseball……go together like grape jelly and spam.  But, at least, during the annihilation of the Rox’s…it gave me something to think about other than throttling joe buck.

6.  J.D. Drew.  The worst thing (and to me, it’s pretty bad) I can say about drew is that he annoys me because he wears the 7.  That is just wrong.  My opinion, of course, but it’s wrong.  Maybe it’s petty, but it annoys me.  However, he’s lifted a bit in stature since he told the phillies he didn’t want to play here.  Have you ever seen these fans?  Dude, they are scary.  nuff said.

6.  Yaz my Yaz….did you see that man?  AMAZING.  Still, amazing.  At 68 he’s looking good (although, didn’t quite reach the plate but hey….he’s 68!) You gotta have him kick off every home game for the rest of the series…I think his being there pushed these guys…not that they needed pushing.  Hey, would YOU want Yaz mad at cha?  not I said the duck.  That’s my man….you go yaz. 

7.  Ashanti sings “God Bless America”.  Huh?  Isn’t she from NEW YORK???? I repeat….huh? 

So, tonight is game 2, with schilling on the mound.  Can we expect a repeat?  One can only hope.  Boston’s seasons are always nail biters, glad that last night was what it was….my nails are shot!


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  1. I’m rooting for your team for you!

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