Heads or Tails #10 – Train


 This weeks heads or tails theme over at Skittles Place is near and dear to my heart….Trains! Hey, my e-mail is stamperinTRAINING….whadja think?!?

As you may know by now, I love trains.  Steam first, Diesel Second….everyone else clumped together after that.  Yes Virginia, I am a foamer.  🙂  There is nothing I would rather do than take photos of Trains…ride trains….work on trains…look at trains…you get the idea.  🙂 I love the smell of coal smoke in the morning, the moan of a whistle on a foggy night, I even like getting “cindered” (though I hasten to admit it!!!) With this subject being so dear to me, I know I could go on forever…but will try to contain myself!

THIS is my train.  Ok…not legally, but she loves me, and I her, and that’s enough for me.

This is New Hope & Ivyland Railroad’s Steam Engine #40, a Baldwin 2-8-0 (get it…I’m Baldwin’s Girl??) She was built in 1925 by the Baldwin Locomotive works in Philadelphia PA. I like her best when she’s blowing a crosby 4 chime…but that’s just me. 🙂

This is another of my favorite Locomotives….the C&O 614. (Isn’t she beautiful?!?!?!?)

I unfortunately never got to see her run, but have visited her, and am hoping that my friend Ross gets everything going for his proposed upcoming trips with her. The 614 is a 4-8-4 J-3a Greenbrier, is 16 feet tall, 112 feet long and weighs 434 tons. She has 72″ drivers (as you can see by the photo of me!

This, this is another of “my” trains.

This is New Hope & Ivyland’s #2198, a GP-30 built by Pennsylvania Railroad in 1963 (she’s older than me!). This is the engine that I trained on to become a conductor (with my good friend Joe). Of diesel engines, I think that the Geep is the most beautiful…sleek and powerful. (are you bored yet?)

Ok….I’ll stop now….and go put on my train socks and my PRR t-shirt and start the day.  🙂



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10 responses to “Heads or Tails #10 – Train

  1. Awesome, BG, just awesome!! Steam are my absolute favorite and I love your pics. 😀

  2. Beautiful pictures. I’ve only been on one kind of train, the one that goes from Long Island into NYC, but it was nothing like these beautiful ones.
    Happy TT!

  3. wow, that was a beautiful post!! Thank you so much for sharing one of your loves. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  4. Another train lover!! Wonderful post and pictures!!

  5. Gorgeous photos. You definitely know your train info! I learned a lot from this post!

  6. Wow! I had no idea that’s where your name came from. Very interesting and fun post. I can just feel your excitement about trains!

  7. Trainspotting. Always makes me think of the book by welsh. Nice info though. Trains – a whole world unto themselves.

  8. What can I say….trains are my life lately. We are planning on taking Aidan on a train ride this summer, he’ll have a blast!

  9. There is a huge, maybe the biggest, engine of some sort nearby us at the Greenfield Village. Hubby would know more about it. LOL.

    The sound of a distant train at night always reminds me of being at my grandparent’s house. 🙂

  10. this theme today was definitly made for you! Fascinating stuff here and great photos.

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