I’m (almost) famous

Our local news station does a “scary halloween photo” thing, and one of my pics was selected!  Check it out!

 *Update – I took out the link because as they add photo’s the page changes….so…

 Here’s the VERY cute Aiden being a Scary Mickey Mouse! (his first halloween!)

Aiden as Scary Mickey



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4 responses to “I’m (almost) famous

  1. Awwww….That is so cute!!! Is that your little fella? What a little mouse. Love It!!! You definitely should win!!!

  2. Nope…he’s not mine. He’s the little boy of a friend of mine…she lets me take his photo..it’s GREAT! We were doing Halloween shots, and that one really cracked me up. Looks like psycho mouse! I do love that little guy!

  3. I just noticed that his name is the same as my son’s. Just spelled a little different, it’s spelled with an “a” not an “e”.

  4. Michelle

    How adorable! Now I am self-conscious about my own Minnie Mouse costume since I know I won’t look half as fetching.

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