My Excellent Blog Award

Tammy my Tammy over at Mom Knows EVERYTHING has passed on to me this fab award!  I’m not sure I deserve it (she just feels sorry for me since I’m still half blind from the Sun Gun I think LOL!!!) but it has MADE. MY. DAY.  nuff said

I would love to share this with some Bloggers that I totally think are EXCELLENT and make my day a lot sweeter.

Bridget at And Miles to Go
Mother’s Home
Terri at Mrs. Squidley’s Place


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4 responses to “My Excellent Blog Award

  1. wow, thank you so much!! I feel such warm fuzzies all over that you think my blog is excellent–thank you so much!! Great blog you have here 🙂

    Have a wonderful Thursday,

  2. So cool! Thank you very much!

    Have you thought about changing Mr. Sun Guns name to Mr. Stun gun?? lol what a great story and your poor boy. What things we put our kid though huh? lol

  3. mumshome

    Oooh! Thank you very much! I’m honored.

  4. LOL…You’re Hilarious!!! I hope you can see again soon.

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