Heads or Tails – #9 10 Things


This week the Heads or Tails theme is “10 things”. I thought of about 10 things (lol) that I could do a list on, but then yesterday I was STRUCK by an inspiration while driving….so here goes!

10 of my All-time favorite songs/pieces of music (in no particular order):

1. The Ave Maria by Leontyne Price and Choir Of Men And Boys Of St. Thomas Episcopal Church. listen here

2. Amazing Grace – Elvis Presley listen here

3. Angel from Montgomery – John Prine& Bonnie Raitt listen here

4. Ripple – Grateful Dead listen here

5. Rocky Top – Osborne Brothers listen here

6. Me & Mrs. Jones – Billy Paul listen here

7. Who’s your Daddy – Toby Keith listen here

8. All Night Long – AC/DC listen here

9. Girls & Boys – Good Charlotte listen here

10. You never even called me by my name – David Allen Coe listen here



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10 responses to “Heads or Tails – #9 10 Things

  1. I only know a few of those.
    have a great Tuesday!

  2. me

    you forgot, lets just kiss and say goodbye, the manhattens!

  3. True, but that is a suzy secret song….Only ONE person could know that about me.

  4. The Ave Maria is definitely at my #1 but it must have violins in the piece too. Great list.

  5. janicenw

    Interesting list. I haven’t heard of one or two. So instead of road rage, you listen to music? 😉

  6. I see you like many different kinds of music. Me, too! I didn’t know anyone besides me even remembered that Billy Paul song. 🙂

  7. I only know a couple of those songs, but I think AC/DC totally rocks!!!

  8. I only know a couple of those songs, but I think AC/DC totally rocks!!!

  9. It’s funny – I used to love Toby Keith, then went through a spell where I was sick of him and now I love him again! His videos are SO much fun!

  10. That’s a nice list and I even know some of them (which has been a strain this week with this theme: I seem to not know what’s going on around me!).

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