Re-constructing tee’s!

So, with a little bit of time, and some extra t-shirts, this is what I did this morning! 

Pair 1:  1 T-shirt and about a half an hour=Capri’s! (thanks to my Bud Keith for the shirt!)


Pair 2: 2 T-shirts, and about 45 min or an hour = an AWESOME pair of pants! Cool lil’ stash pocket on the right front leg, and my awesome wolf wraps around the bottom left. They’re a bit long, but I love that (being as tall as I am, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find too long pants!)






Filed under recycling crafts, sewing

2 responses to “Re-constructing tee’s!

  1. Wow, you made those out of a t-shirt!!! That’s cool!!

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