Tiao He Cleanse for Fall

This is not a paid post…I don’t do those here.  It’s just a “ya know, you need to know this” post.

I love Nature’s Sunshine Tiao He Cleanse.  It is one of the VERY best products that I have ever used.  I have recommended this to almost every client I have ever seen, and to all my friends and family. 

This is Nature’s Sunshines product information:

•Promotes the healthy cleansing of metabolic waste.
•Supports intestinal regularity.
•May improve energy and well-being.

Tiao He Cleanse®, Chinese [Intestinal] is a 15-day nutritional program designed to help the body achieve tiao he—balance and harmony. It combines Chinese nutritional and Western herbal experience. The Tiao He Cleanse is designed to support the cleansing mechanisms of the body by targeting the intestinal and digestive systems.
Each packet contains 1 capsule each of Chinese Liver Balance TCM Concentrate (digestive support), All Cell Detox, LBS II® (intestinal support), Psyllium Hulls (bulking agent), Burdock Root (intestinal system) and Black Walnut Hulls (digestive system).

The program is simple, and I do it both spring and fall.  Take 1 packet 15 minutes before meals up to 2 times a day for 15 days.  I usually do 5 days, because I do it 2x per year.  The first time, I would suggest the full 15 days.  Day 1 you will feel a little bloated, which tells you it’s working.  It’s like roto rooter for the system…lol!  I swear I can actually feel it removing all the accumulated gunk from my system. 

As we move into fall, it’s a great time to clean house and get things in order before winter.  Give Tiao He a chance…I think you’ll like the results!  If you’d like to order, go here and visit my friend Barb!


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  1. Suzie, thanks for continuing to publish your review of my work, again & again. Lets keep our flames burning bright! Lilo

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