Heads or Tails – Explore


Ok….I’m going 2 directions with this week’s theme Explore. 

Direction 1:  Explorer – Columbus.

I’m not a fan of Columbus Day, as my children will tell you.  I won’t go into my psycho diatribe here on him, but will share with you an amusing story about it/him..whatever.

When DD was in 1st grade, she had to do a report on Columbus and his discovery of America.  Knowing how I felt and wanting to “fit in”, she avoided mentioning the project to me, and instead went to her dad.  He helped her write some smarmy report on how Columbus discovered America, blah blah blah.  So, the morning it was due she was sneaking out the door and he called to her “Good luck on your report today”.  What report says mom….as DH (now X) gets this LOOK on his face that perfectly mirrored DD’s.  Lemme see…says I….feeling pretty torqued.  I read the report, said “uh…no”. Waved to the bus driver so she would go ahead and leave, and had DD sit and RE-WRITE the report based on fact.  She was pissed, I was pissed, and DH hid in the den.  I dealt with him after dropping her off to school.  Side note, she got an A on the report.  HA!

Direction B – Since becoming unemployed, gulp, I have become my own explorer.  Since I moved to PA, I have worked pretty crazy hours, and having some free time has allowed me to explore some of the beautiful things we have around here.  Thought I would share just a few.

Hoboken:  Birthplace of Baseball and Frank Sinatra.  Hoboken Train station.

Howell Living History Farm. AWESOME place to visit if you are in the Trenton/New Hope area.

Philadelphia – South Street, Art Museum, Independence Hall, all of it is amazing!



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7 responses to “Heads or Tails – Explore

  1. Great post! Happy Tuesday!

  2. I love that you explored 2 different aspects of the topic. I have often wanted to move to a different town, just for the change of scenery! But it’s no fun being out of work. I’ll pray you find suitable employment soon! Come see my take on this week’s topic!

  3. Gorgeous pictures as always!!! I put a picture up of the Thomas costume I’m making Aidan. It’s not quite done yet, but come take a look.

  4. wow, gorgeous shots!! I love what you did with this weeks theme.

  5. Yeah… I know he didn’t discover America. I wonder why they still celebrate the day. Maybe because it’s my birthday. LOL!

  6. I just figured out what DH means (this is third consecutive blog tonite that has used it). Well, I THINK I know.

    But anyhow: Columbus. Did you know that in Vermont they don’t celebrate it? I really miss the day off and think they should still give us the day off, but I’m proud that it is ignored.

    Except in history classes. Now does that make sense to say how he discovered america in a state where he is unrecognized?? duh?

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