Stay Tuned Sports Fans!

What an amazing Sunday….what a FREAKING incredibly amazing sunday.  By 8:00 I was totally washed out, feeling as I had run all the bases, made all the touchdowns, AND had my engine blow.  An amazing sports day for the girl…to say the least.  I’m talkin 2 tv’s flipping back and forth, running from room to room exhaustion sports day. Where shall I start???

Redskins – Guys, that was awesome.  For the first time, in a long time, they seemed like a cohesive unit.  D was on point (finally) and I was amazingly impressed.  Now, I’ve been a ‘skins fan since the Jergensen era…die hard, over the top, bleed burgundy & gold ‘skins fan.  Through the hard years, never fail.  Each year I come out and say “this could be the one”.  When Joe Gibbs returned to the team, I knew we were back on track, headed for glory.  Not yet…but this year, if they keep playing like they did yesterday, dude, we could go.all.the.way.  Congrats to Gary Clark, VERY cool man.  nuff said

Nascar – Knock Knock.  Who’s there? RCR-DEI Engine.  RCR-DEI Engine who?  Exactly.  I’ll leave it there with a nuff said.

Red Sox – I won’t go insane on this, as there are about a million places this morning where you can read about how AMAZING my sox are….but will just say this.  Sweep….sweeping….SWEPT!  Friggin awesome….totally friggin awesome.  Now, let’s get them damn yanks outta here and MOVE IT!  lol!!!!!

Anyway….for the angels, lions and yanks fans, sorry.   Not really, but I’m trying to be nice!  lol!


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