My Desk Top

Tammy at Mom Know’s Everything wants to see my desktop!  lol.  This is such a funny meme…I gotta do it. Have I ever mentioned my total anal retentive/OCD nature?  So….I’ll show you my desktop (if you show me yours!)  Note the minimum amount of icons on that mutha….don’t add shit to my desktop…it makes my head spin!


AND my Desk Top


No, I didn’t straighten it for the photo….it always looks like that.  Or at least, it BETTER or it’s gonna hit the fan baby!  Newest (and only) addition is the rock….DS found it and said it looked like a peanut butter sandwich.  I thought it was funny, so it’s been added.  Yes, all the pens work.  ALWAYS.

So….I wanna see Shari’s, Shari’s (I love my shari’s), Big Binder’s, and the one I’m sure I’m most like, Embrace Your OCD’s



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2 responses to “My Desk Top

  1. I am so not showing you what my desk looks like. LOL Right now I have to 2 coffee cups on the go and an assortment of my toddlers toys on my desk.

  2. Suprisingly, my desktop is a mess!! Although the shelf above my desk has all of my binders, neatly lined up. It’s true.

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