Photo Hunt – Curvy

This week’s theme is Curvy.  I had a GREAT idea for a shot, but DD did not agree. Alas.  However, I did stumble upon this one this morning….funny how things work out.  I think this is a pretty cool “curvy” (especially since I was terrified taking the photo!)




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10 responses to “Photo Hunt – Curvy

  1. Sorry I commented about your photo on the wrong post! Duh!

  2. Perfect for curvy and halloween! Great choice.

  3. snoopythegoon

    Yep, it is cool!

  4. fhulihee

    Owww, that’s nice.

  5. GORGEOUS! You got a perfect shot and I’m envious of it. One of the best this weekend.

  6. I’m tagging you with the desktop meme! :o)

  7. beautiful take on this weeks theme.

  8. That is so neat, never would have thought of a spider web,… fantastic photo. Have a good weekend.

  9. I’m tagging you again with a different meme. This time it’s the Crazy 8 meme. :o)

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