Goooooooo Sox!

After all of yesterday’s grrrrr’s (there were many) took DS to Hoboken last night to see New York in the dark.  Walked to Hoboken Pizza (serious yum) and ate standing at the counter, laughing like fools, then walked down to the water’s edge to smile, and discuss “the city that never sleeps”.  Having your 10 year old serenade you  off key with “New York New York” in the dark is possibly one of the greatest moments in a mom’s life. 

In the midst of all our fun, he turned that sweet face to me and said, dipping his eyes, mom, I miss my dad.  CRUSH…CHOKE….arg.  Summoning any and all strength I had left, I said, “I know buddy.  I’m sure he misses you too”.  Stating, and that’s been buggin you all week, hasn’t it?  yes…not looking at the mom…well, you know, it’s ok to tell me that, and ok to talk about it.  I won’t be mad.  Tiny eyes turn up at me…ok.  You know, you’ll feel better if you talk about these things…I do know what’s going on in your head sometimes….I know with a little smile.  We’ll be ok buddy, you’ll see him soon, right?  Face dips again…I  dunno.  Sad moments on the streetcorners of Hoboken.  Not much else ot say there….so we just walked with my arm around his little shoulders back toward the car.

 Cruised back home in the foggy fog, he crashed out about 2 minutes after seeing the Statue of Liberty out the car window, and made it home just in time to see the sox POUND LAA.  Is it…..could it be?  Can she get her hopes up just yet??????  The giant “Things are gonna get better” bubble is cruising just under the surface, ready to burst…..and tomorrow at 3 could just be the moment! 

Being from VA, and never having been to Boston, everyone always wants to know WHY I am a Sox fan.  My answer is always the same.  I am a BASEBALL fan.  I love everything baseball.  The green of the grass, the smell of the infield, the moment, walking from the concourse to the field when the dazzling sky lights everything and the world seems magical….if only for a moment.  I love the rebirth in the spring…the new team, the clean slate…I draw inspiration and faith from Baseball. 

The Sox have always been fighters.  Look at the guys who brought this team where it is…h guys like Ted Williams, Yaz, Bobby Doerr and Fisk…these guys fight there way thru the muck and the mire and hold a special place in my heart.  There’s just something about them that brings out the fighter in me.  If they can do it, I can do it. With them, I get a new start too, a new chance to better myself, a new chance to succeed.  Yes, I have had as many crappy seasons as they have, but I’ve had a few playoff’s myself.  They are my hope, my inspiration. 

One of my greatest moments ever (thank you paul) was seeing the sox play the yanks at yankee stadium.  For a true baseball fan, not a team fan, this was like visiting mecca.  To touch the bricks, walk the promenade, see that field…was amazing.  I even asked special permission from the little guard man, and was allowed, crying like a fool, to touch the “Y” in yankees on the dugout.  My friends said it would never happen, but I made it happen. 

I didn’t make it to the playoff’s this year, but Boston did.  With that, I can only hope that as they struggle through this challenge, as I too am struggling, my new beginning is coming.  My ray of hope, just around the next base.  I’ve tagged third, and headed for a slide at home… let’s hope we BOTH tag the bag and win the game.



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3 responses to “Goooooooo Sox!

  1. That is so great! I was trying to take pictures of spider webs this past week, and had lots of trouble. I didn’t have any tiny dewdrops, however! great! I’m glad you stayed brave.

  2. That is a great photograph. Perfect for the curvy theme.

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