Friday Whining – hoping for a better tomorrow.

It’s moderate whining, but I have to get it out of my head and start the day off right….well, righter at least.

* Had a job interview LAST FRIDAY.  She said SHE would be in touch with ME by Monday (stressing the she/me portion).  I pretty much knew I was screwed when during the interview she said – in the most inCREDIBLY perky voice – “Oh, I just LOVE (insert last place of employment here) it’s so amazing!  Why would you EVER leave there.  Awkward silence….well, I said, Um…actually they let ME go.  Perky face dropped, strange look in her eyes….guess since the place she loves let me go, I am unworthy.  Annoying. 

* Meeting at DS’s school this morning to go over the IEP set in place by last years school.  They have been wonderful so far in helping him make this HUGE transition…hope the meeting goes well.  I don’t do parent meetings well…get very nervous.  NO muffins this a.m. tho….I’m not feelin it.

* My camera, my savior right now, the only thing that allows me to drag myself out of this hog wallow I have gotten into over the job hunt, needs help.  I got shot with the cylinder cock on saturday…(not nearly as sexy or dirty as it sounds)…thanks adam! and after spending over an hour yesterday cleaning the lens, both ends, and using the poofy air thingie to puff out any remaining mung that may be located inside, it is determined that although nothing can be seen in there, it must be there.  Well, DUH.  So, am going to try the electric plug in open the shutter gizmo today with hopes that I can remove same said mung with the puffer or the single hair toucher thing (note all the technical mumbo jumbo this morning), if not, it’s gotta go to the shop (no $$ for that) or I have to live with the mung dots for a while and just photoshop like a mad woman. The anal retentive side of me is growling…. grrrrrrrrrrr.

*Have a special b-day party to go to on saturday night…and nothing to wear.  Sat down on wednesday and crocheted a nifty fuzzy top to wear with my black skirt.  voila.  Of course, I designed the pattern as I went along (photo forthcoming) and now want one in cream, so am re-creating and trying to write it down as I go along so I can share.  It’s very nice, if I do say so myself!  DD is working, so my extended DD allison will come over and watch DS so I can attend.  A night out for the mom?  is it possible?!?!


* XH decided this week that he is moving back to VA.  Ok…I understand that decision, but dude, you KNOW I am looking for a job, and that I count on you to keep DS on the weekends so I can work, and poof, you up and move 200 miles away.  SO job hunt is now in a rethink mode….more like what the F do I do now?!? and I am back at square one.  PLUS DS is being rather whiney about everything this week, no doubt because of the sudden departure of his dad.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Is it too early to drink????

*More than once this week, I have left dishes in my kitchen sink and gone to bed.  This is not good, and makes me worry about my state of mental health more than anything else that is going on right now.  I am a clean sink girl….dirty dishes literally gross me out.  (think moon zappa in valley girl….It’s like somebody elses food, ya know???)

*On a side note…..I have to put this in as well. (do you ever worry about who is reading your blog and where it goes?  like that clairol commercial….I told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on…)  It’s not a happy thing….just an interesting thing.  I found out the other day that the woman who ended up being instrumental in my being fired, has been fired.  Yes folks, you heard right.  Now, this is why it’s not a happy thing.  She was a friend of mine.  I recommended her for the job, talked her up (obviously too well) and offered to give up part of my salary so that they could afford to bring her on.  I supported her in every way I possibly could, and she took my job and I was fired.  And now, less than 4 months later, she’s been fired.  Karma?  I dunno.  As I said, it’s just a point that is in my head right now. 

OK….the better tomorrow part:

*Tomorrow begins Fall Foliage train trips.  I live less than a mile from where the train departs, and it’s a rare thing to see her up here.  So DS and I, he with his point and shoot and I with ms. munged will head over to the station and shoot some photo’s of her crossing the main road, etc.  Maybe chase it for a while back in the woods.  He likes that (as long as I don’t speed…mr. law abider that he is).  Then hopefully an easy afternoon together..and the party tomorrow night.  Am thinking of taking him to Hoboken sunday so he can see NY from the other side.  He loved the photo’s I took last time I was there…maybe he can get some of his own.  (plus Luca Brasi’s is there and I can get goooooood cannoli).

There is a shower and a meeting calling me…so I’m done



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2 responses to “Friday Whining – hoping for a better tomorrow.

  1. I hope your weekend goes better. Wanna here something bad that happened to me, it might make you laugh…It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and we’re going to my brother-in-laws place tomorrow for dinner. I’m suppose to bring the pies so I spent all day making 3 homemade pies. I set them on the kitchen table to cool and the %*&#@ cats jump on the table and destroy all three pies!!! I’m going to be up all night tonight making 3 new pies. It’s okay to laugh, it is kinda funny.

  2. Ok…you win. 🙂 That would just SUCK, I have to admit. I bow to your worse day than mine! lol!!!!!

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