1 down, 4 to go!


What a game…WHAT A FREAKIN GAME!  You go boys!  Let’s Show ’em who’s BOSS! 

Josh Beckett – Dude, you are amazing.  Beautiful game, beautiful man.

Papi – I love ya baby.  What else can I say. 

Youk – Go Youk Go Youk GO YOUUUUUUUUUK (she screamed at the tv!)

I have such a love/hate relationship with October.  Love because it means my skins are back and hopefully rockin the house.  Love because if it’s october, it’s playoff time, and my boys could be in it.  This year, both are happening (there’s the hate……..the division of loyalty!)  Last night, my loyalty was devoted to the boys of summer.  Great game, great night, and a chance to blow some much needed steam.  Anxious for friday now…I will be parked in front of the tube screaming like a maniac!  Sunday will be rough in my house……Skins play at 1 and sox at 3….I’ll be diving from room to room (dashing off my Portis jersey in the hallway…you CANNOT watch baseball in a football jersey..it’s just …WRONG!) to catch em’ both. (Thank GOD the Eagles have a buy this week…yes, I have an eagles fan in my house…go figure)  Ladies and Gentlemen, my phone will be OFF, please do not attempt to call, e-mail or knock on my door until WELL after these games are over….better wait until monday in fact…I could be limp as a dishrag after this.  Neighbors…I apologize in advance and hope for your sake that the weather is miserable so my windows will be closed.  Fair warning!  lol! 



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2 responses to “1 down, 4 to go!

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  2. I’m Canadian so it’s all about hockey.

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