What were you thinkin?

In general, I have to say, I’m a relatively laid back do-what-you-want kinda person.  It takes a LOT to offend me….it’s just not my style.  You live your life, I’ll live mine, and as long as you don’t shove your convictions down my throat, we’ll get along just peachy.  HOWEVER…….

THIS OFFENDED ME.  (so I’m sharing)  I guess I should explain.  Apparently Italian Vogue (a magazine that would never grace my presence I assure you) has a photo shoot this month utilizing images invoking our soldiers in Iraq combined with scantily dressed fashion models. (you know, probably with the heading of “What all the high fashion Muslim women are wearing this fall)  It’s not even the images that are offensive, I don’t think, as much as the emotion that they are trying to evoke.  My daughter, who “legally” is an adult, adores vogue magazine.  (it must be a gene that skips generations or something) I would be APPALED  to think that she would stumble over this!  I don’t believe in censorship just for censorship’s sake, and have maintained that with my kids…but how could I EVER have a conversation with her regarding this bit of ….shrapnel (pardon the pun).

Dude, what the hell were you thinking?  Is this supposed to be glamorous?  It’s disgusting.  It’s offensive on so many levels.  AND not even from a pornographic standpoint, which I am not averse to, just from a human being standpoint.    There are sons and fathers DYING on a daily…hell, an hourly basis, and you choose to turn it into a fun event?????  I feel a tangent coming on!!!!!!!  Isn’t the purpose of advertisement to make  you want the product?  To incite your spirit to “go, do be” like this person in the ad?   Uh…thinking I don’t want to be these women!

Believe me, I’m all about juxtaposition.  I enjoy working and viewing life in that manner.  But this series of photographs, touted as fashion, are anything but.  I’ll let you make the call.  The article, is located here and a link directly to the photo layout is here.  Grrrrr…..It’s not even 4:30 yet and I’m already annoyed.  Not a great start for the day, eh?


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  1. I just looked at it and came back here. What in the h@*l where they thinking, women often wear not shirts in Iraq? I think everyone has the right to there own opinion, but come on are these guys smoking something? That’s not a fashion shoot, that’s a playboy spread.

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