Heads or Tails – Pets


Barb’s Heads or Tails theme this week is Pets. These are our 4 legged babies.  Jake, my bull terrier, is my buddy.  Everyone else makes fun of him, (they call him fat, don’t tell him) but to me he is incredibly beautiful.  Jake is my 4th Bullie…they are such great dogs. 

  Bodhi is our shepherd mix.  We got her when she was just weeks old, some people were using her as bait to tease their pit bulls.  It was a horrible thing.  We took her in, and I named her Bodhi to give her enlightenment.  She is so smart, and absolutely adores my daughter.



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7 responses to “Heads or Tails – Pets

  1. what a beautiful pet family. I love the first pic.

  2. I once had a pair of black lab brothers. They were overweight, too. The vet even called them fat asses (pardon the language) but he was joking. Kind of.

    Look at the eyes of Bodhi. So very expressive.

    People like her former owners should be shot.

  3. Ahhh, and the story of Bodhi brings us to one of my pet peeves! You have beautiful dogs.

  4. What beautiful dogs. Somebody should use that person as bait fot pit bulls.

  5. People can be so cruel. Bodhi is lucky to have you!

  6. Beautiful fur babies!! Both very lucky to have you. You’re a special person.

  7. Red

    Aww .. what precious lovelies you have.

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