It’s official

 I am Anal Retentive.   The M&M Thing sent it right over the top. Apparently my consumption of M&M’s is my daughters favorite entertainment/pet peeve.  They CANNOT be consumed until they are organized, in lines, by color, m’s facing in line, by quantity.  THEN and only then can you eat the excess, until there are like amounts of each.  Then one from each line, until they are all gone.  Yes, there is an entire TEAM of psychiatrists looking for me.  Ah well. 

You Are Totally Anal Retentive

Yup, you’re so uptight – people definitely have called you “anal.”

You’re the type of person who’s so OCD you organize your M&Ms before eating them.

You have so many rules and rituals, it’s hard for you to let loose and enjoy life.

So go ahead and mix up your alphabetized CD collection. Live a little!

Are You Anal Retentive?



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2 responses to “It’s official

  1. Nice choice for this week’s theme.

  2. A whole drawer for scrapbooking. That is the way to do it! Great idea for this week. Have a good weekend.

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