Heads or Tails – Keys

This Weeks Heads or Tails Theme is Keys.  I have LOTS of keys….here are a few: 

The Key to my springtime: 


The Key to My Relaxation

The Key to my Football Fix:

The Key to my passion

The Keys to my creativity:


The Keys to my Heart:


The Key to my Success – AND my failure:

The Key to my faith

The key (at times) to my sanity



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7 responses to “Heads or Tails – Keys

  1. Those are great pictures of your kids. Our kids are the key to our hearts!

  2. That lady that is the key to your success and failure is making me curious! But I won’t speculate, even tho I think I know. You’ll have to come by here to ride our train in June. I have to do that, too! And in New Hampshire there is an old steam train they still take out through Crawford Notch.

  3. That’s an interesting collection. I like the way it gives us a little insight into who you are – thanks for sharing. Didn’t we meet on the Photo Hunt last Saturday? Have a great week!

  4. Sometimes pictures are the best way to describe things. I like how you used them here!

    Seeing those crochet hooks makes me think about getting mine out now that cooler weather is here. Making an afghan in the summer is not fun. 🙂

  5. Fantastic post! I totally agree with your key to relaxation! However, the spring key… well, I’m an Indians fan through and through. Your post was a lot of fun!

  6. It was fun to know you key to sanity 🙂

  7. I have an award for you at my blog. Stop by and pick it up!

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