Eight Things About Me Meme

I done been tagged by Tammy over at Mom Knows Everything for the Eight things about me meme. I’m not so sure there are 8 interesting things about me, but ok….here goes.

1. I am a Qualified Railroad Conductor on a GP-30 Diesel Engine (Look ma, I can play trains!)
2. Touching Meat or eggshells Skeeves me out.
3. I am TERRIFIED of mice. and rats. I mean over the top paralized screaming terrified.
4. I was an EMT
5. No matter what it is, I think I am not worthy.
6. I was fired from my last job for being “Honest, Hardworking and a Good Employee” (for real)
7. I am the proud parent of over 1000 rubber stamps.
8. I started getting grey hair at 15

Okey dokey….now I get to tag 8 of u! I pick:

Shari’s Place
Dr. Pepper is Good for the Soul
West Philly Stamper
Stampin in my Sleep
Embrace your OCD
Mother’s Home
Scrappy Hours
Stampin with Gwen

Now it’s your turn. If you have done it before, I’m sure there are 8 more cool things about you that ya wanna share!



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7 responses to “Eight Things About Me Meme

  1. Cool list!
    My son is obsessed with trains.
    Want hear/read a freaky story about a rat? A couple of years ago my little brother (he was 27, 6 feet tall and 200 lbs of solid muscle, black belt in karate, you get the picture) was living with me. Since my husband works nights I was happy to have a man at the house just in case someone tried to break in at night. I thought I was safe and well protected by a big strong guy. Yeah right! In the middle of the night he comes knocking on my door freaking out saying there is a rat in his room that the cat has cornered. He stays in the kitchen and makes me go into his room to get the rat. I grab a thick glove, grab the rat which is still alive and trying to get away, take him to the toilet and hold it under the water until it drowns. Ever since then he won’t even go near my daughters hamster. He has since moved out into his girlfriends place. I hope they never have a rodent problem because he’ll be no help.

  2. Alrighty then, I’ve done it list eight totally boring random things about me. Hope you enjoy. Things I didn’t know about you from your list were numbers 5 and 8. Not worthy pulease, get real. Gray hair sucks!!!! mines not gray anymore I just dyed it purple again for riverfest tomorrow night. God I miss you.

  3. mumshome

    Thanks – I think that’s about the nicest thing ever said about my blog!!!
    I’m on it – 8???

  4. Red

    Me? You tagged me? Wow, thanks!
    I’ll get on it!

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  6. joebec

    hey there! I saw you on the OCD blog, i’m one of the authors. great blog you got here! i’ll be back…

  7. joebec

    oh, on the OCD blog, i’m Reg. i know, confusing. sorry!

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