New Photo’s

Took some time yesterday to go and play.  Caught the train and rode into New Hope, got a few good shots, and train-ed back.  Grapes are from saturday when I took DS out for a photo day of his own…handed him the point and shoot and said “go!”.  We had a great time, and he took some good photo’s of his own!  (He got pretty bored with the birds tho…oh well)  Pretty soon I’ll have to start him his own little flickr account!    These are just a few of my faves, rest on flickr.  AND for the first time EVER…I didn’t take a single photo of the train!  (what was I thinkin?????)

  grapes.jpg   Dangerous Fence

And my buddy Todd (who nearly REFUSED to have his photo taken!)who played chauffeur …er….engineer! for my trip!  Thanks dude, I had a GREAT time! 



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