Help needed

Don Wingate, my friend, mentor, and inspiration is dying.  Don is an amazing man, a kind soul, and a blessing to anyone who has had the opportunity to meet him.  Don has end-stage liver failure from a hepatitis C infection and is in desperate need of a transplant.

Being over 200 miles from him, I can’t be there on a daily basis to send him the good wishes he needs.  I started a blog for him and his wife Jeanne here and you can read Don’s Story here.

If Reiki has touched your life, if Don has touched your life, please, visit.  Send them good thoughts, send them good energy, and if you feel you can make a donation, or know of an organization that can, please, help them. 



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3 responses to “Help needed

  1. Hello. Don sounds like a wonderful man in need of support like so many of us that have hepatitis C. I have cirrhosis but not quite end stage yet. We have a very supportive hepatitis C group at We would love to have Don and his wife join us, ask questions, get support and feel the cyber hugs!


  2. There are also a few good groups at Delphi at and

    I wanted to add these here in case someone else surf’s through that is in end stage cirrhosis and needs the support and info. Again, I wish your friend well in his struggle and hope that he is able to get a liver transplant. One of my support groups members was transplanted on May 16. You can see his story at:

    if you are interested. Take care!


  3. abi

    Hello, Don sounds like a wonderful man, who has influenced many people.
    We wish your friend, a speedy recovery, from Globe Health Tours.
    You can contact us anytime, if you need any info, about transplant, or doctors opinion on Don’s condition. Although we are miles away, we can be reached at anytime, for enquiry on liver transplant. We would be more than happy to help Don, and wish him with good health and long life.

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