Stampin Day

Got some Christmas Cards done today….thought I wuold share.  Um…Have I ever mentioned my very STRANGE sense of humor?????


scan0003.jpg   scan0004.jpg   scan0005.jpg   scan0006.jpg 

 scan0007.jpg   scan0008.jpg   scan00091.jpg



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2 responses to “Stampin Day

  1. I LOVE THEM! They are hilarious!!!!

  2. I thought they were pretty darn funny myself. My friend Shari was with me when I bought “ralphie” and we both KNEW I had to come up with a christmas card for him. My first project was a round magnet for the fridge that says “do I HAVE to???” which makes me laugh often. I have got to find the leg lamp to go with him. Chet was an idea I got when we bought the pan…and I was beginning to doubt my own mental health yesterday since I couldn’t stop walking around sniggering ..hee hee chet….hee hee chet’s nuts. It was hysterical to me. Glad u liked em!

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