Heads or tails – Hobby



Hobbies?  No.  I do not have hobbies.  I have lifelong projects that keep me from going insane!  I was the kid that got the craft stuff….There probably isn’t one I haven’t tried.  In no particular order:

Crocheting – Yes folks, I am a yarn-aholic.  Best deal EVER was when MJ Designs went out of business, I bought a CARTFUL of yarn for $40.00 and they gave me 60% off.  So I bought another one!  Over 400 skeins of yarn for just about 30.00.  Yes, I still have most of it 8 years later.

Stamping – I own way too many to count, and we won’t go there. 

Scrapbooking – see above.

Photography, Sewing, Beadwork, Painting (a small hobby…if I have one!) Cooking, cleaning (yes, I enjoy it, so I guess it’s a hobby…vacuuming in particular!)

Trains.  all things trains.  ephemera, railroadiana, you name it. 

Ok….um….I’m done.



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10 responses to “Heads or tails – Hobby

  1. wow, I admire you with the craft of yarn!! I know how to crochet but only single and double crochet, everything else eludes me. I would LOVE to learn how to knit and crochet but I can’t understand instructions. Every time I sit down and try to learn I get confused 🙂 I know I sound like a retard but it is really hard!! Actually knitting is one of the things I want to learn before I die. Have a wonderful week!

  2. 400 skeins of yarn???? Why am I surprised. I probably would have bought it all, too! I never thought about getting into stamping. Maybe sometime you could drop me an email and tell me what you do with it? *Whew* I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys cleaning. 🙂

    Hubby will most likely be this way after he puts up his post. He LOVES trains. First I have to get him away from his video game…

  3. Ok, I’m away from my new video game lol. You have some interesting hobbies. I love trains also and am into photography, but didn’t list it in my meme. Just too many to go into lol. A good post for the meme.

  4. My daughter Amy would have gone nuts over a yarn deal like that. Now perhaps I will learn what stamping is all about. As a teacher, we use stamps to decorate classwork but that’s all I know!

  5. I love knitting and crocheting. I have two large rubber made tubs filled with yarn, not quite as much as you, but if I was there I would have bought the same. LOL

  6. Not at all sure about the cleaning. I can relate to all the rest, but I’ve lost my heart to silk painting…

  7. You like vacuuming too? LOL I’m a little obsessed with it for some reason now….maybe b/c my son licks the floor. : )

  8. cleaning?? wow someone in your house is very lucky.

  9. I love photography. And, I own an entire craft case full of beads, beading books, a loom, etc.

    My husband loves trains.

    Now – the cleaning thing – eh, I don’t wanna!

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