Opening to Autumn

Opening to AutumnSuzy Rigby As summer’s heat begins to wane, and the earth begins her autumnal dance of color and wonder  Autumn’s radiant face shines upon us, reminding us that with the coming change, we must remember to ground ourselves in our energies and take stock before winters cold.  Falls vibrant oranges, reds and yellows reflect and open our chakra centers of grounding, rebirth and renewal. During this time of gentle prosperity, evident in the fruits of our harvest, we too are ripe for rebirth, for harvesting.  It is a time when general activity, on a physical, spiritual and emotional level, slows down, and a greater wisdom begins to emerge.  We have become ripe in ourselves in the summer sun, growing and branching out.  Our faces shine with the light of long days, and warm nights.  And as the dusky light of autumn opens her its eyes to shades of copper and amethyst, gold and bronze, let us to experience the change and cleansing of fall in order to prepare for a winter of renewal. Nei Ching said that “Soul and Spirit should be gathered together in order to make the breath of the fall tranquil”. If the soul and spirit reside in separate planes of existence, one cannot be whole or heal.  I have found autumn’s blaze of color and warming light the perfect time to participate in a personal Soul Retrieval.  To me, this is the best way to remove any negative energies which have been incurred throughout the year, and to recall personal energy from places where it would be better off not being.  Soul retrieval is a simple, loving, and expedient means with which to access the healing energies of our physical body.  If our energy body, or soul, is not whole and complete, we cannot be whole or complete in our physical body.    Soul loss can occur when a portion of the soul splits off as a protective measure, perhaps in response to a physical or psychological trauma.  Negative or forceful relationships can also result in a portion of ones soul being stolen, perhaps holding it hostage to maintain a relationship that is better off ended.  These spiritual losses leave a void where non-beneficial energies can attach, causing many different types of illnesses and discomforts.   There are several different methods of Soul Retrieval, some employing a shaman or surrogate to act as a go between, and others that allow for self-retrieval.  Both methods are beautiful and very beneficial, but I tend to prefer self work on all levels.  This not only affords you the opportunity to reclaim control of your soul, but gives you the ability to journey as long, or as often, as necessary.  Using the Essence of Cedarwood during Soul retrieval brings on a supportive and timeless air of comfort and transformation.  Cedar evokes the memories of secret knowledge held but long lost, in places without time, and times without place.  Cedar is the essence of integrity.  The ever present spirit of the great Cedar tree resides deep in each golden drop, it’s fragrance and integrity a part of eternity. Allow cedar to stand for you, to carry your messages from the past and provide you with the wisdom of the ancients.  Place a few drops in a diffuser, sit and breathe deeply.  As you move to center, realize that with great Cedar at your side, many worldly problems are smaller than imagined.  Allow the liquid gold to move through your spirit, and bring you timeless peace. Make time this Autumn season to find your roots, your branches, and your strength.  Radiate your own colorful energy, and shine like the Harvest moon.  



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2 responses to “Opening to Autumn

  1. The autumn is my favorite time of year. I don’t know if it’s the bright colors or the crisp smell of the air, but I can’t wait until fall. It could be the fact that kids go back to school in the fall too. lol. Just kidding!

  2. It just occurred to me that when I am in the sauna, that part of the experience is the smell of cedar. What a great idea, I will definitely get some cedar oil, thank you!

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