Aromatherapy to Change A Life.

Labels. When it first started, the goal was just that. Pasting me with labels. “Adult Child of Alcoholic Parents” one said. “Manic Depressive” said another. “Suffering Mental Abuse”, “Borderline Bi-Polar Disorder”, “Extreme Depression”, “Panic Attacks”. The thing is, labels don’t make a difference in your life when everything you know is falling apart.

Many of you may already know me. But there are few of you know why I decided to become an Aromatherapist. If you have taken one of my classes, or attended one of my lectures, you know that I am very serious on the subject. Did you ever wonder why? It’s because I know that Aromatherapy works. How? Because it saved my life

I was like many of you. I had what I thought was a perfect life. A wonderful Marriage, a beautiful daughter, a home, and money in the bank. Then, seemingly without warning, everything collapsed. I won’t bore you with the details; they’re not really relevant. Suffice it to say, I found myself as a single parent, with a cleaned out bank account, forced to move from my home and discovering that everything I had known as truth, a lie. Add to this the daily stress life brings, you know the ones, laundry, work, etc, and my entire world became a trying place to be. I was, in essence, lost in my own life, with no idea where to turn.

Initially, it was difficult to admit that there was something wrong, much less seek any type of help. I did however have a wonderful Family Physician whom I knew and trusted. After our consultation, he did what many physicians do when faced with this type of situation. He prescribed medication. Now, I am not saying that is the wrong thing to do, there are many people who may truly be unable to function without these medications. And at that time in my life, I may have been one of them. Not being presented with any other option, I quickly became one of the medicated masses. Unfortunately, medication does not solve the problem it only masks our symptoms. My problem needed dealt with, not covered up. Attempts to suppress it only caused it to become worse. Medication was increased, and, from there, it was only a matter of time. Referrals led from Physician to a Therapist, then to a Psychiatrist. Medications were added, then dosage increased all to “maintain the Quality of life”. What quality? With all the medication, there was little real quality, only sleep and lethargic periods of wakefulness. And I felt little hope.

Then, at what I felt was my lowest point, I was presented with a book. A book on Aromatherapy. At that time, it was not the buzzword that it is today. It was rarely heard of, and not terribly accepted as a practice. I poured over the book, recognizing my signs and symptoms in the words that jumped from the pages at me. The most prevalent word…Hope. I had found my answer, my hope.

I began to study and use the essential oils as described in the book, asking anyone and everyone to cart me around to various stores seeking oils that I hoped would cure the sadness. And with each addition, I felt a change taking place. Not an outward change perhaps, but certainly a change within. Until this point, I had led the life that others dictated to me. Dressing as they said, speaking, walking, and eating what they said I should. I had never had the opportunity to make my own decisions. I began to understand that I was a worthy, capable and responsible adult. Knowing this helped me believe that at some point, I could reclaim my life, and that encouraged me to continue my education in Aromatherapy. My real challenge came when I let the therapists know about my new findings, and my desire to cease the medications. They were very unwilling to let me cease therapy and the medications. They called it “ridiculous”, stating that I was not ready and could spiral out of control. There was talk of “confinement”. But, with everything that I had learned, I was able to present my case calmly and firmly. I talked with them about what I had been reading, and showed them the case studies on Depression and alternative treatments. I also informed them that I was not only taking control of the medication situation, but my entire life. And I did. Within only a few weeks of making this decision, I made a complete life change. Since I felt it was important to remove myself from the lies and confusion of my past, I took a new job in another state, moved my daughter and myself and became completely medication free. By using the aromatherapy techniques I was able to recreate my life, and myself.

So how am I now? I’m great. It’s been over 16 years since I took my first steps to reclaim my life. I have learned to accept challenges as blessings, always seeking the lesson that allows me to grow beyond myself. I teach Aromatherapy and other Healing Techniques to those who are interested, and I provide the healing services to those who are in need. I can’t guarantee that anyone will have the recovery that I did, I only guarantee that they will receive the highest quality love and attention and knowledge that I can provide for them.

In closing, I have to say I do not recommend that anyone attempt to undertake treatment on his or her own. I only wish that there had been someone who was knowledgeable in the field available to help me during that time. Today, there are numerous Holistic Practitioners that specialize in healing techniques for many different conditions, and they are right there in your very own community. If you or someone you know is suffering from Depression please seek the necessary assistance. Read and become educated on the alternative health practices available in your area. And always seek your hope.



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4 responses to “Aromatherapy to Change A Life.

  1. Seems like this was your destiny. You are so lucky to have found it. Of course the Dr’s wanted you to stay on the meds instead of your alternate oils (that had been working) – they would miss your business! I’m glad you found the right answer for YOU. Take care!

  2. The 2 Witches

    What a powerful story of a life turned around using what is considered by many to be little more than alternative quakery. I have used aromatherapy on and off over the years and have always considered it to be a useful healing tool. After reading your story I may have to resume my use of it in conquering my own lingering depression.

    Mama Kelly

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