Spa Tuesday

Yesterday sucked….so I’ve decided to give myself a spa day today.  At home, of course.  The frugal princess wouldn’t dare spa-out!  So, with the kiddle still camped on the couch…this morning brings:


Steam face with warm damp washcloth.  1 drop Tea Tree oil in about a cup of water, soak rag, wring, and ‘cro for about 20 seconds.  Let it cool slightly (don’t burn yourself!) and place on face.  Lie back and relax until it cools…then:

1 T (heaping) clay (I like to mix white clay and green clay….white is more surface oriented where green really pulls the gunk out…technical term!)
1 drop carrot seed oil (I am over 40 now!)
Enough apple cider vinegar to make a good paste…less than a teaspoon.  THIS is Important!  ACV refines and tones the skin, acts as an antibacterial and feels awesome!

Brush on with a soft brush, or your fingers, and allow to dry. Don’t forget the neck!


Dry skin scrub

1 cup sugar (white)
Enough olive oil (important) to make a paste (thin)
1 drop Patchouli (one of the inherent spiritual/physical characteristics in Patchouli is that it helps things that are “cracked” either emotionally or physically. GREAT for dry skin!)

Place it all in a bowl, and fill another bowl (largish) with warm (not too hot) water.  Place 1 foot over/in the sugar scrub bowl and scrub gently…heels, toenails (great cuticle remover) ankles, etc.  Finish by rinsing foot in warm water, and wrap (do NOT rub) in dry towel.  Leave wrapped up while you do the other foot.  Then wrap them both together and let them rest while you do your hands and elbows.  Now, have a nice comfy blanket handy, cover up and lie back (yes, in the middle of the floor…shove the dog over) and relax..hands on solar plexus…breathe slowly and deeply and allow your senses to enjoy their pampering.  If you like, have a nice cup of ginger tea prepared before you relax…sip slowly.  Let’s spa our insides as well.  When we’re all dry and refreshed, re-heat the washcloth and place it on your face to loosen the clay mask.  Once loosened, rinse with tepid water and follow with:


1 cup witch hazel (in spray bottle)

4 drops lavender
2 drop carrot seed oil
2 drop chamomile oil

Shake well, and spritz face and neck.  Allow to dry.

For hands and feet:

This is my VERY favorite lotion, but you HAVE to prepare it ahead of time.  It smells when you cook it, but it is SO worth it!

Mermaid Lotion:

This is not my recipe, but was originally published in Natural Beauty at Home.  I’ve used it for years and ADORE it!

1 T powdered irish moss
1 C distilled water
1/4 c Aloe Gel
2 T almond oil

Mix together irish moss and water and allow to stand for 20 minutes.

Pour into a small saucepan and boil for 20 minutes.  Strain off solids, you will have a clear jelly (*note I like to add some hops, chamomile flowers or dried peppermint during the boiling process.  gives a nice flavor and color to the mix.  strain well!)

measure 1/4 cup of the jelly and mix with aloe gel.  cool completely

Pour mixture in the blender and blend on low speed, slowly adding almond oil in a thin  stream until blended.  Don’t rush this, or it will separate.  I will usually add a a few drops of chamomile here especially for summer.  If you are making it just for the feet, go with peppermint and rosemary (8-10 drops total).  When blended, pour into a clean jar ( i like pump top) and apply. 

So, now with a fresh face, and a fresh attitude, we’re all set to face (no pun intended) the day…which HAS to be better than yesterday!




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2 responses to “Spa Tuesday

  1. bellajournal

    omg, sounds lovely! How nice for you! I’m jealous! Everyone needs to be pampered sometimes and it sounds like, with all of your experience, you know just how to do it right!

  2. I wasn’t aware we shared an interest in the same thing… handmade toilerties! Love the recipes you shared. Will have to try your Mermaid lotion.

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