DIY skin care

Those of you who know me, know that I HATE shopping.  Any kind of shopping.  It’s like torture to me.  Stores are crowded, people are pushy, the air is filled with …who knows what.  Grocery stores are full of people who INSIST on touching EVERY package of meat just to put them all back again.  ugh.  ANYWAY……My challenge is always to make the trip amusing.  My DD LOVES to shop, and is always buying the latest and greatest skin care stuff purporting instant youth and beauty (how much more youthful and beautiful can she be at 18??)  She loves to roll her eyes at my homemade versions of her expensive beauty products (that is until she’s OUT of something, and broke).  Bring on yesterday. 

Shan loves B* pore sucker outer strips.  She’s addicted to them.  I mentioned during our recent shopping trip that I had a recipe I wanted to try out for same said product.  Hm..she says, ok. 

Recipe is simple.  1 part unflavored gelatin to 1 1/2 parts milk.  stir, micro for 10 seconds, and smear on the offending portions of the face with a soft clean brush.  I mixed as allison showed up, and we offered to beautify her as well. After it was all said and done, I had a few thoughts I thought I would share.

1.  Unless you are treating the entire neighborhood, do not use an entire package of gelatin.  The original recipe I had seen called for 1 T of gel w/ 1 1/2 T of milk.  This was MORE than enough for the 3 of us to have ENTIRE THICK facials.  How nice, you may say, until you try to peel it off from around the hairline.  This stuff STICKS!

2.  Start with nose, forehead and chin only.  Again, this stuff sticks.  If you can handle the … um…. tension of removing it from these area’s, then expand. 

3.  Steam your face with a warm towel first. 

4.  For really troubled skin, I might add a drop of tea tree or lavender to the mix before applying, carrot seed oil for older skin. 

All in all, this was a great recipe, and one that I will use again.  Cost effectiveness:  B* strips 8 @ 5.99 or .75 per treatment.  Gel treatment:  $1.25 per box with 12+ treatments per box (for 2 people I might add….so is that 24?) .09 per treatment.  Good deal says the frugal mom…good deal



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2 responses to “DIY skin care

  1. Well, I tried this. I see what you mean about the tension. It really does pull those blackheads out, next time I will use it on the nose only.

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