Healing your Future by Exploring your Past

Is there a future in exploring the past?  Can we truly heal our lives by simply discovering past energies that may be holding us back?  Absolutely.  Past life regression work is a safe, comfortable and wonderfully rewarding way to bring all aspects of our soul’s “selves” together, providing a complete wholeness in healing. Past Life Regression is a beautiful, compassionate and effective therapy.  It brings forth a new manner of healing, a wholeness that can only be experienced when all of the body’s energies are gathered together for a common goal.  We learn many things about ourselves, both from this life experience and from our past incarnations.  We gain insight into our current life plan by viewing past mistakes and pains. The knowledge of our past hurts is balanced by the love and graciousness of the gifts we rediscover; gifts such as lost or forgotten skills or talents, soul memories and contracts that can now be renewed.  These gifts are brought forward and incorporated in to the current life cycle, bringing a new wholeness to healing. 

Some question whether the retrieval of past life memories is authentic. My response is, “Is Past Life Regression real?  We don’t know.  Does it work?  Yes, and often with miraculous results.”  I have worked with many people on many different regressions, and the one constant that I have found is that there is no constant.  Everyone experiences Regression differently.  Most have found it a very peaceful and enjoyable experience, a few have had the complete Dolby Stereo Surround Sound !AHA! experience, and some have found it to be a difficult, though healing experience.  Everyone, however, has had one thing in common.  Everyone has said, “That is not at all what I expected.”

 Several times, I have had people seem disappointed at the end of their session.  When asked about this, they have replied that they were disappointed to find that their past life was not that of the Queen of England  or Cleopatra or Napoleon.  I like to remind them that although these are exciting and vibrant historical figures, it is most often the common man in whom we find the greatest life lessons.  Being a famous historical character would probably be nice, if only to tell your friends, but the true healing comes from discovering your true fame, your family ties, your talents and your life lessons and patterns.  Past life regression allows us, in a peaceful and non-invasive manner, to discover our own life patterns, gain insight into our trends, and change our predicted outcome. If you have ever considered having a Regression session, now is the perfect time.  Make a commitment to yourself, a commitment of healing.   Take a trip to your own wonderful past, and bring forth your healing gifts.


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