Healing: The Emerging Holistic Paradigm, By Lilo Bauer-Freitag

  Every so often, one of those wonderful cushy jobs comes along that really makes your day. This month’s writing assignment was one of those jobs. Apparently, someone neglected to warn poor Rob Grogan of my..ahem..bookaholic problem, so when he asked if I would be interested in reviewing this book, it was like Christmas in June. Review a book? On healing? I almost snatched it right from his very generous hands. Lilo Bauer-Freitag is a conventional psychotherapist who uses subtle energy dynamics and phytotherapy in her Northern Virginia Practice. Her efforts include the coining of a common language across the collective Holistic health community, to define the holistic world view (or “paradigm”) and the integration of all health care into one. Her book, Healing: The Emerging Holistic Paradigm, is a wonderful, fresh, yet timeless look at the Holistic health community, and practitioners. It is breathtakingly honest and a true joy to read. Her approach is blunt, without sugar coating or apology, which some may find offensive, but I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s time someone spoke up, and stood up, against the “us against them” mentality that can prevail. Her views on “collectively enabling” were insightful and amusing as she used common advertising slogans to show how we are continually bombarded by these public messages that encourage OTC and prescription drug use to facilitate our “quality of life”, in spite of our bodies’ many signs and signals that we need to pay attention. In the book, Lilo talks about “Collectively Enabling:” “How do we collectively enable? In general, “We haven’t got time for the pain” – a spiritual song/message abused to justify the use of painkillers. “Nupe it!” is the same as to say, “Ignore it, just take Nuprin and keep exercising,” despite the warnings your body is giving you. “The strength of Motrin, when your body needs it most” – What this body needs is not to walk (the dog) for a while and to reflect upon why it is becoming inflexible: Perhaps I resent always being the one having to walk the dog? However, Motrin enables me to abuse myself and continue to be used by others, or to avoid making conscious choices.” The book contains wonderful sections on Holistic Intervention and the discussion/definition/classification of Holistic Therapies, Ethereal/Bio-energy fields, Chakra communication and healing, with charts, figures and information that were helpful and interesting. I had but two complaints about this particular book. The first is the cover art. This is a book that I would recommend to my clients and fellow therapists alike, but the cover art is a bit dated, giving the book an out of date or dowdy sort of look. I would like to see this re- released with fresh new cover art, and feel that it could be a major seller. I was also a bit dismayed to see that additional copies were not available for sale on Amazon.com. I will be looking into the availability issue, and if you are interested, may contact me for this information. My second complaint on the book is that I personally do not know Lilo-Bauer-Freitag, and cannot thank her personally for taking the time to provide us with this collection of information.

Throughout the book, Lilo manages to provide insightful information, a sharing of knowledge without seeming preachy, and infuses the book with a gentle Divine energy that does not overpower. All in all, a good read, a good reference, and as long as Rob Grogan doesn’t complain, a book that I will hold in my personal library for quite a long time. (*Note:  Ms. Bauer-Freitag stopped in shortly after I wrote this article to thank me.  Seems we lived in the same town, and didn’t even know it!  Very nice lady, good read if you get the chance.)



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8 responses to “Healing: The Emerging Holistic Paradigm, By Lilo Bauer-Freitag

  1. mimi freitag

    curious if Lilo has published any other books? how do you reach her?

  2. I picked up one of Lilo’s cards while home this weekend. Her mailing address is P. O. Box 41927 Fredericksburg VA 22404 and her website is http://www.holisticparadigm.com Hope that helps!

  3. Elke Hess

    I was also looking for a contact for Lilo and saw your comment, Mimi. Small world. Greetings to you, your sister, and your dad. Will try to contact Lilo now.

  4. Surprise–Surprise.

    How are You?

  5. Forgot to say…PO Box address provided is accurate, except that my website has expired. No new book as of yet, but several articles and poems, published–among others–in One Heart Magazine. Particularly, there is a three-part essay on spiritual aspects of FOOD which you may enjoy. Best wishes, and thanks for your interest,

  6. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

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