Energetic Aromatherapy

Many people familiar with Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for use on a physical level are unfamiliar with their uses on a spiritual or energetic level. Essential oils in any spiritual or energetic ritual can bring not only a greater level of physical change and healing but also awareness and expansion on an ethereal plane. Aromas evoke emotions to stimulate memories. Very often emotions and memories are deeply connected to our very essence. Physically, feelings and memories can be difficult to reach. They block our spirit and lead to lack of creativity, an unsettled feeling, even physical illness and dis-ease. Aromatherapy knows neither time nor space. It can reach these memories and emotions immediately. We are interconnected with plants that provide us with these oils. Our lives are co-dependent. These plants provide food, shelter, air. Without them all life would cease. Science can split, reform and modify the genes of plants but never recreate one single plant cell from scratch. We clone but do not create or reproduce the Prana – life energy – of plants, because we do not understand their energetic workings. ** Surrounded by a forest of Cypress, it is easy to see why the wood has been used for century’s in the passing of the spirit from the physical to the immortal plane. The energy from cypress is clean and clearing. One can feel the passing of that which is no longer necessary to this life. Cypress empathizes with those who suffer, are in need or have lost their way. Its fresh and clearing energy resonates with the lower chakra, heart, solar plexus and sacral to ground us while allowing the creative force to move forward in life. Imagine stepping from the darkness of the Cypress forest to the clean and bright grove of the orange tree. Imagine hundreds of thousands of orange blossoms gently releasing their scent in a shower so pure, so sweet, it seems to be the breath of angels. This glorious scent is Neroli, one of the most spiritual of all oils. She truly is the breath of the divine, infusing each cell of one’s being with creativity. Innocent and peaceful, her embrace removes the sadness of change, lifting our sorrows to the divine. She moves gracefully, reconnecting us to what is important, allowing us our childlike minds and hearts, reminding us that our creativity comes not only from within but from all that is creation. Neroli moves deftly across our consciousness like a dream. Creativity is the ability to create. Once one embarks on the path to “true” living, the spiritual path to creativity may seem a task of great proportion. Finding time for fun and creativity often takes a backseat to learning, studying, or remaining centered in the whirl of emotions and energy that surround us. The energetic vibration of essential oils boosts our own healing energies and taps into our inherent creativity. Opening ourselves, we embrace our future, catch a glimpse of the unknown yet to be. Our imaginations soar, uninhibited. The rewards are irreplaceable. Begin to experience the glory of essential oils. Diffuse them so each molecule gently drifts across our lives, bursting forth with joy and glory and infusing us with scent. Electric diffusers and scent pots require warm water and just a drop or two of the precious fragrances. Begin to diffuse oils during meditation – when the divine speaks to you – or prayer – when you speak to your divine. Allow cypress, neroli, sandalwood or bay to infuse your personal space with sanctity during reflection and introspection; or during times of dance or artistic creation. Treat yourself to a new box of crayons, colored pencils and the gentlest vial of Rose, Orange, Bergamot or Jasmine, and let yourself go. Allow the colors to flow from the aromas surrounding you, with no expectations or direction, just the pure joy of the essence of the oil blending with the essence that is you. Treat yourself. The essences are a bit more costly but more than make up for it in joy and passion. They are not only a beautiful gift to ourselves, but one we share with everyone through our true expression of creativity.


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