Cypress for Transition

   An old saying teaches that there is one mountain and many paths leading up that mountain.  For those in transition, finding their one true path can sometimes be challenging. One thing I’ve discovered on my journey is that sometimes the end result isn’t really the goal, the path is the goal.  The process, the daily ins and outs, the lessons and the changes, that’s what is really important, not the preconceived destination.  Every step that we take, every transition increases our ability to appreciate the journey.   One of the most important oils during times of transition is Cypress.   Cypress has a lovely, statuesque shape, and a smoky, sweet earthy aroma.  It blends well with citrus, marjoram, patchouli and clary sage to name a few.  Anyone familiar with Van Gogh (my favorite) has surely seen the incredible deep blue-green cypress that is so prevalent in his work.  Found in abundance in the Mediterranean, the tree is often found in cemeteries, and the perpetual greenness of the trees is often used as a symbol of life after death. Cypress recognizes the strength within, and blossoms most fully when used for transitions of the spiritual path.  Someone once told me that Cypress helps us to have the courage to surrender our will to a higher purpose, to change, heal, transform and experience the many deaths that accompany the birth of wisdom. On a physical level, Cypress acts as tonic to the Circulatory system, and has a very astringent action.  Excellent for regulating the menstrual cycle, and for PMS relief.  A wonderful bronchial antispasmodic, always mix it with Eucalyptus for those summer colds that seem to strike.  Cypress is also great for repelling fleas and over-zealous summer dog odor. On an emotional level, cypress helps one to move on.  It is used quite extensively in certain religious cultures to “Help the soul go to God”, while soothing those left behind.  Cypress can ease the flow of emotional tears, especially those of parting.  During times of loss, it provides the user with an understanding that life is full of “little deaths”, and that these changes are no more than an energetic shift from one plane, to another.  Cypress eases life’s transitions, whether it is a new job, a move, or changing an attitude about something.  Cypress always strengthens and comforts, assists with transition, and supports the soul’s willingness to change, grow, and transform.   

For times of Transition, use a drop or two of the following blend in diffusion or bath.   

1 oz carrier oil
3 drops clary sage oil
2 drops frankincense oil
2 drops myrrh oil
1 drop black pepper oil
1 drop cypress oil 

And if you happen to pop by the Natural Path this month, and smell this lovely fragrance, it’s just because I’m trying very hard to take my own advice.   I have had a transition on our life path, and find that we will be leaving the Fredericksburg area late in July or Early in August. My thanks and thoughts are with each and every one of you who have made this stop on my path a lot happier


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