Creating your Cake

No, this isn’t a cooking column, or maybe it is.  Many times I hear people say how they just don’t know how to make their business/life a success.  Often, they feel that they have all the right ingredients to create a successful whatever, but it just doesn’t pan out for them.  We’ve all heard about the recipe for success, but few realize how accurate that statement really is.Creating your goal is like baking a cake. The ingredients you need are inherent in you, at all times, to reach your goal to, let’s say, create your perfect Cake, be it your business, family, schoolwork, or perhaps your healing practice. The first thing is to look at your recipe, or the basic plan for the business you are trying to create. Have you thought about what kind of cake you want to make?  This basic concept is, I’ve found, the most often overlooked part of the recipe.   You can’t expect to create a successful cake without a successful recipe.   Are you making something so grand as a seven-layer cake, or more along the lines of cupcakes?   How many people do you plan on serving?  When do you expect your cake to be ready?  It’s important to consider all these factors so your Cake develops the way you need. How about the oven temperature?  This is your motivation. Did you remember to light a fire under that cake?  And keep in mind, if the oven is too hot, your cake will burn up.  If it’s not hot enough, even the best recipes will never get done.  It’s important to monitor the oven temperature, the motivation that drives you.  Lighting a fire under your plan, allowing for your own motivation, this is the key to the development of your Cake. How about ingredients? — Your skills, talents, offerings to the business. I see many people who try to bake a fresh cake with old, outdated ingredients.  They rely on other peopleメs old, outmoded, hand-me-down ingredients instead of fresh and exciting ones of their own.  It’s important to constantly take a good hard look at your ingredients, weeding out those that have become dated and stale, and replenishing those which are used most often. The last key to creating your perfect cake is to decide if, in fact, you really want to create a cake after all.  Maybe you need to look over a few more recipes first.  Perhaps you would prefer being a chef for someone else’s restaurant for a while, honing your skills, or maybe you really need to go back to cooking school.  This is going to be one of the most important decisions you can make on this creation, and it should be considered carefully. So, now you’ve got the best ingredients – fresh and exciting skills, the proper temperature on your oven – good solid motivation, and a superb recipe – a wonderful plan for success.   All you have to do is mix these together, stir with a lot of love, compassion, understanding, humility (at times) and patience, and with a little luck, you’ve created that perfect cake, a true wonder for all to see and enjoy


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