Gettin’ stuff done

Or at least trying…how’s that?  Monday was awesome, got in a great photo shoot with John Seneta…for those of you who DON’T know him, GET TO KNOW HIM.  John is an amazing musician that I met through my son’s school where he taught/teaches music.  John came to work at the Railroad when I was there (as a favor to me?!?) and is there still…having too much fun.  Anyway, check out the photo’s of John, and you’ll see why I was SO excited to get this opportunity.  Not only a VERY handsome man, a good friend and great subject. His myspace is John “Grey Wolf” Seneta..check out the tunes. He picked me up (since the car has decided it won’t start) and off we went.  Considering the heat, and that I kept saying “that’s good right there, hold that” he did an amazing job and didn’t even choke me!  AND he had FZ’s apostrophe playing to get us in the mood to dump ALL our cosmic debris.  Thanks John, it was great.  Monday night, after our 95 degree shoot, he performed at my fave local watering hole to a very enthusiastic crowd.  Good time…good friends, and he even played ripple just for me.  lol!  (DUDE WHAT was up with that chick at the end of the bar?!?) 

ALSO (I’m just ms. get it done all of a sudden) got some stamping done for an upcoming swap this month…will try to get photo’s up by tomorrow.  Shari came down today and although our plans were to stamp stamp stamp (a huge change from scrap scrap scrap) we ended up goofin off most of the time.  Ah well….it happens.  I’ll get it done tomorrow. I know SHE is home right now stamping her little heart out while I’m sitting here sweating and making tomorrow promises.

I’ve moved into full Christmas Card Preparation stage, and have nearly EVERY christmas stamp I own, no small feat mind you,  pulled out and sitting on my stamping table where I can see them, and try different things.  This is always the toughest time…choosing the right stamp to say what you need/want to say to all the folks you gotta say stuff too.  This year I’m going quirky (big surprise) instead of classic (do I even OWN classic???) and am just finalizing my stampy decisions. The good thing is I always end up with about 2 dozen “single” cards before the final decision is I always have an extra around.  Now I just have to pose the yearly question of “shannon, pick 3 colors” and I’m all set.

Just a quick update from me, and I’m out. 


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