A Good Afternoon

Too cute!

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting afternoon, to say the least!  Shan was babysitting (yes, shannon) for a friend’s baby, so mom got an unexpected photo shoot in!  Aiden was an unbelievably fun subject to work with, unfortunately Shan and Alli wouldn’t move away from him long enough for me to get enough shots in!  I did pull a few good ones tho….thought I would share. 

It’s amazing how much fun it can be to have a baby around….especially when you know you can give it BACK!  One funny one…..Bodhi was not too keen on the baby idea, but Jake though it was way cool.  I’m sure he thought it was just another source of food..but at least he woke up long enough to take notice.


Anyway, the rest are on the photo site just for fun. 


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