Honesty, or the lack thereof

So, I’ve been thinking…(ok…for all of you that just said “that’s a first” pack sand) about honesty, and the current lack thereof in the world.  Why is it that people feel the need to be dishonest?  I don’t get it.

Disingenuous was the word of the day for Tuesday.  (See, I got me some learnin’)  You see, I had my….what will heretofore be referred to as the “situation” on Tuesday.  And, as usual, I approach these things with honesty and determination.  Yet, my compatriots didn’t see the need to jump on that bandwagon…apparently. Why is it that when facts are clearly in front of you, some feel the need to throw a monkey wrench (which is completely different than a box wrench…just ask addam) into the system and begin telling what can only be called blatant lies and falsehoods just to undermine the honest one?  I don’t get it!

The “situation” at hand really made me think about my views, and choices I have made in my life…i.e. Honesty.  Why is it that this is such an issue with me?  Why is it that I try and be open and honest about things, and am constantly faced with those who choose to do the exact opposite?  Is this my white whale?  Maybe I do see the world at times thru rose colored glasses, but that is my choice.  I like to think that if I am honest with you….you will reciprocate.  Doesn’t seem lately that the world thinks that way, however.

To the dishonest, I query.  What is it that you are hoping to gain from being a bald faced, ignorant, selfish liar?  Does this make you in some way feel superior to others?  Trust me…it’s a farce.  You simply look slack-jawed and stupid.



Do you think that by telling your lies that you will somehow turn me into a blithering idiot?  Some sort of emotional flotsam?   Lemme tell you…I’ve dealt with the best.  Liars are the ONE thing I seem to have a TON of experience with….and your petty little tales not only   1.  don’t hold water  but,   B. are bush league.  (hey, I just got my own joke…lies…BUSH league…lol…I’m funny)


Other than baseball, the one constant in my life has been to live my life honestly.   Now…for those of you who KNOW me, you know you should never ask unless you want both barrels. I don’t pull any punches, but I never throw the first one.  Shannon says everything I think is on my face…for those who play poker with me, I think they would disagree.   For those of you who don’t know me…warning… please don’t ask me how the bright orange ruffled dress looks with your over-dyed black hair….because neither of us will be happy with the response.   

All of that having been said, let me  offer this.  Today, as you go thru your life, if you are faced with the opportunity of telling the TRUTH or telling a LIE (and omission is STILL A LIE), tell the truth.  It may not be easy, but it is always best.  For all parties involved.  If it means you have to admit fault, or defeat, just do it.  I would much rather know up front that you think I’m a piece of crap and move on with my life than to think we have some sort of a relationship. 

As for the “situation”, we’ll call it a learning experience, and file it away under “yall ain’t gonna believe this s*it.


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